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Sharon N. Baxter-Puglisi

Home Client Testimonial Sharon N. Baxter-Puglisi

Upon returning to [New York City] from our mobile home [in upstate New York], having gotten our J&J vaccination, I was most surprised to find the [DePuy ASR Hip Implant] settlement check.

I wish to thank you wholeheartedly for all the work you and your staff did on behalf of all of us who were involved in this ordeal. I can’t imagine how many phone calls, how many missives, how many late nights. HOWEVER, I THANK YOU! I also thank retired Judge Corodemus for her input and assistance.

As I told your assistant, Mr. Argotsinger, I wasn’t looking for a “get rich scheme”; I didn’t want to undergo another hip replacement either; but it is welcoming to be able to treat my husband to a fantastic dinner (when we feel safe to eat inside) for having stood by my side and picked up the countless things that I dropped while recuperating. In fact, he’s still standing by my side and still picking up things that I drop.

Speaking of Mr. Argotsinger… he is a gem and I’m sure you know that. He was always courteous and helpful. What I know of legalese is next to nothing.

Thank you once more Ellen Relkin for everything you did on MY behalf. Should anyone need an attorney, I would definitely recommend W&L.

Best to you, your family, your staff, your friends. Stay safe. Stay optimistic.

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