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W.P.’s Story

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Your law firm represented me in a lawsuit filed on my behalf as Guardian Ad Litem to recover compensation for my son, Joe, who suffered a TBI (traumatic brain injury) on August 23, 2008.

I write to thank you and all of your lawyers and staff for achieving a substantial settlement recently. There were complicated issues of liability. So complicated, Joe’s case went through two New York State Appellate Courts with eventual and critical success at the New York State Court of Appeals.

I am a retired attorney living in Oregon. I am experienced in litigation and appeals. I am therefore very familiar with the skills and effort that must combine to prosecute a case.

I am convinced there are very few law firms that could have achieved your result and that would have fought so very hard for Joe. Your lawyers are professional and compassionate.

The attorneys in your law firm that Joe and I dealt with are Larry Goldhirsch, Jonathan Sedgh, Shareef Rabaa and Alani Golanski.  I talked to a couple others but cannot recall their names. I also communicated with investigators, legal assistants, secretaries and many experts required to litigate this difficult case. Each person contributed immensely.

As you are aware, when a client such as I has a loved one that has suffered catastrophic injury, the client suffers trauma as well. To communicate under this difficult circumstance requires conviction and even humor at times.

I remember a plaque outside your law office that recites something to the effect that your law firm is all that stands between Justice and Injustice for an injured person. This is true.

I remember taking a ”Writing Class” once and seeing an article in which the person writing a letter commented: ”I am sorry I wrote such a long letter. I did not have time to write a short one,”

I could write several pages more expressing my sincere appreciation, but will not, keeping in mind that Writing Class.

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