DePuy claimed the systems provided more flexibility and greater range of motion than existing devices, as well as offered greater stability and were less prone to dislocation.

Unfortunately, these devices did not live up to their manufacturer’s claims. The industry now recognizes the serious complications associated with metal-on-metal design.

As a result, DePuy recalled some of its devices by the end of 2010. Most recently, in May 2013, DePuy said it would be phasing out production of its all-metal replacement hips.

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Depuy hip complications.

There is an inherent risk when you undergo a surgical procedure. In addition to overall complications, if you’ve had a DePuy hip implanted you may be suffering from:

  • Problems while walking or not being able to walk
  • Swelling of the hip
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Elevated levels of cobalt, or chromium in your body
  • Loosening of the implant within your body
  • Bone fracture within your implant site
  • Nerve, muscle, and bone damage
  • Grinding or clicking in the hip

If you are dealing with any of these issues, you may have a defective implant and need to consider your legal options.

Ellen Relkin, Partner and Practice Group Chair

Ellen Relkin

Ms. Relkin, whose practice focuses on medical device and pharmaceutical product liability, as well as toxic tort matters, has represented thousands of plaintiffs injured by defective medical products with a recent focus on the generation of failed metal-on-metal and modular hip implants.

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