W&L won a landmark trial for mesothelioma victims at the end of July 2013. The eleven-week trial culminated in a $190 million verdict, the largest for a consolidated asbestos case in New York history. The case is the most recent sizeable success for the firm, which has earned billions since it was established more than 25 years ago.

The groundbreaking case was led by asbestos attorneys Daniel Blouin, Adam Cooper and Danny Kraft Jr., who spent more than 1 1/2 years preparing for the trial.

“These five plaintiffs were all hardworking, blue-collar workers who helped build and renovate New York City until they contracted this fatal cancer,” Cooper explained. “It’s an honor to serve them.”

According to Blouin, success wasn’t about a number, but about changing lives. “These cases give the plaintiffs real security. They know that, despite the short life expectancy of mesothelioma victims, their families will be taken care of. It’s not just for the worker, it’s about the family, too.”

“The time spent preparing for the trial was well worth it,” Kraft explained. “It’s easy to come to work and fight for guys who got up for work and supported their families,” he continued.

“These families, as well as the clients themselves, deserve not only justice, but closure,” Blouin emphasized. “At W&L, we’re fighting battles that need to be won.”

Cooper said that consolidated mesothelioma cases like this one are rare. It takes a lot more work and research to connect multiple people to the same type of asbestos exposure than to handle the cases separately. “We are one of the few firms with the resources to fight large corporations like the ones in this case,” Cooper explained.

Our attorneys cut no corners when working for clients. Blouin explained that when you’re being represented by the firm, “Your case is handled with our complete attention. We serve individual clients with individual cases.”

Kraft emphasized, “The great thing about Weitz & Luxenberg is that you’re not alone on the front line.” He added, “There are many team members in the background giving advice and helping with research.  Every trial is a group effort.”

That group effort led not only to the largest consolidated verdict, but also to the largest individual verdicts in New York for two of the clients involved, who were each awarded $60 million.

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