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$3.8 Million for NY Boilermaker

November 11, 2010
Home Firm News $3.8 Million for NY Boilermaker

A retired boilermaker from New York who was diagnosed with asbestos lung cancer chose Weitz & Luxenberg asbestos attorneys to obtain compensation from the asbestos companies that recklessly exposed him to asbestos. To date, Weitz & Luxenberg asbestos lawyers have secured about $3,800,000 in settlement proceeds.

Exposed to Asbestos Decades Ago

The man was first exposed to asbestos when he started working as a boilermaker in or around the 1970s. As a boilermaker, he helped build powerhouses and worked with fire blankets and gaskets.

Asbestos is heat resistant, flexible and durable. As such, it was used in products that need to withstand high temperatures. These products include fire blankets and gaskets.

In the course of his job duties, he would cover flammable materials with a fire blanket so that they don’t burn. He also made gaskets for boilers and removed gaskets from boilers. As a product that needs to withstand high temperatures, boilers also contained asbestos.

The man was exposed to asbestos from working with boilers and boiler parts. In addition, he was also exposed to asbestos from the work of his co-workers. His co-workers included insulators and steam fitters. They also worked with asbestos containing products.

Asbestos Containing Products Release Deadly Asbestos Fibers

Asbestos containing products such as gaskets release asbestos fibers when they are disturbed. Disturbance refers to physical manipulation such as cutting or hammering. When asbestos fibers are released, they remain airborne for extended periods.

As a result, they can be inhaled. Once asbestos fibers are inhaled, they become trapped in the lungs and decades later, lead to the development of cancers such as malignant mesothelioma and lung cancer.

The Aftermath of Asbestos Lung Cancer

The retired boilermaker was forced into retirement by lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure. His lung cancer necessitated the partial removal of his right lung and chemotherapy.

He and his wife are now completely dependent on his Social Security income and disability pension. As a result of his cancer, he has sustained substantial medical expenses. Asbestos cancers threaten not only the health of retired people but also their financial stability.

Weitz & Luxenberg Lawyers Are Here to Help

Weitz & Luxenberg P.C., is the leading asbestos cancer law firm in the U.S. The firm was founded in 1986 with the mission of obtaining financial compensation for asbestos cancer patients. The firm has been recognized as the “Best Lawyers of New York” by New York Magazine.

Weitz & Luxenberg accepts mesothelioma cases and asbestos lung cancer cases from all areas of the U.S. and certain regions of Canada. For a free case review, complete the form.  Remember: The law limits your time to file a lawsuit. Complete the form as soon as you can.

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