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Asbestos Litigation Conference Invites Weitz and Busch from W&L

February 22, 2022
Home Firm News Asbestos Litigation Conference Invites Weitz and Busch from W&L

As the latest in a continuing series on the current state of affairs in nationwide asbestos litigation, Perrin Conferences is hosting the Cutting-Edge Issues in Asbestos Litigation Conference. This conference is being held in Beverly Hills, California, from March 7-8, 2022. The most recent previous conference was held in New York City.

Weitz & Luxenberg is proud to announce firm co-founder Perry Weitz is a conference co-chair for this prestigious event. In addition to delivering the Opening Remarks and Welcome, Mr. Weitz is scheduled to moderate the Judicial Roundtable.

Also participating in the conference is Lisa Nathanson Busch. Ms. Busch is a partner at W&L, in our New York office.

Opportunity to Interact

In the evening before the start of the conference, W&L is joining with two other firms to host the Opening Cocktail Reception. It is at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Sunday, March 6, at 5:30 p.m.

Mr. Weitz feels it is critical to help provide an inviting setting for fellow attorneys to have a chance to interact and share their knowledge of the field.

Asbestos Litigation Is Very Active

In his Opening Remarks on March 7, Mr. Weitz plans to address the fact there has been no slow-down in litigating asbestos cases. Part of this is due to the rise in talc-related asbestos lawsuits.

These cases have become more complicated as the number of legal decisions and appeals continue to grow. Attorneys must be aware of the changing landscape, and the potential effect on their cases.

Several of the sessions at the conference are focused on looking at the future of asbestos cases, the rise of talc cases, and lung cancer cases. The conference tries to estimate filing trends and the focus of these cases.

Bankruptcies and Their Impact on Asbestos Litigation

Ms. Busch intends to look at recent filings and pending legislation and discuss what is coming next. Her session also provides updates on Medicare liens.

There is a session at 10 a.m. on March 7, where Ms. Busch is speaking on these issues. The session title is Recent Bankruptcies and the Impact on Asbestos Litigation.

Ms. Busch joined W&L in 1994. At present, she serves as the managing attorney of the Asbestos Bankruptcy Department. She oversees each new asbestos exposure case.

Judicial Roundtable

At 4 p.m. on March 7, Mr. Weitz is moderating the Judicial Roundtable. This Roundtable looks at recent decisions and how they affect current and future lawsuits.

Awareness of how courts, both lower and appeals courts, are ruling on asbestos cases is critically important. New standards are being developed as these cases and reviews are decided. It is important attorneys are familiar with these decisions and how they may affect pending cases.

Building a Leading Asbestos Firm

More than 30 years ago, Mr. Weitz started Weitz & Luxenberg with Arthur Luxenberg. Their goal was to create a firm litigating mesothelioma and lung cancer cases, with an emphasis on helping victims of asbestos exposure. W&L is now a nationwide firm with offices in four cities: New York City, Cherry Hill, Detroit, and Los Angeles.

“Watching our firm grow, expand into new offices, and develop such a strong legal team has been extremely rewarding,” shares Mr. Weitz. “One of the advantages to having this conference in California is it allows us to showcase our asbestos litigation team in our Los Angeles office. Having a visible presence at a conference like this demonstrates the strength and competence W&L has to represent our clients.”

Mr. Weitz has been a leading force in asbestos litigation for decades. He has been selected several times by New York magazine as a Best Lawyer and is a national Super Lawyer.

He leads his firm with experience, and the understanding of how to handle even the most complex asbestos cases. Mr. Weitz believes in trying to bring each case to a successful conclusion for our clients.

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