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W&L Now Accepting Old Spice Skin Injury Cases

May 20, 2016
Home Firm News W&L Now Accepting Old Spice Skin Injury Cases

We are no longer accepting new cases.

Weitz & Luxenberg P.C. is now accepting cases involving injuries from men’s Old Spice deodorant products manufactured by The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G).

Our law firm is interested in talking to consumers who purchased any Old Spice deodorant product and suffered a severe reaction, whether you sought medical attention or not. We are alleging that the product cannot be safely used for the very purpose for which it was intended.

Across the country, numerous consumers have reported experiencing severe skin injuries and reactions after using Old Spice deodorant products. These reactions include:

  • Chemical burns
  • Painful rashes
  • Blisters
  • Hives
  • Welts
  • Open sores, sometimes lasting for months.

Many men claimed to have contacted Procter & Gamble about their injuries and had their complaints summarily dismissed.

James Bilsborrow, a consumer protection attorney at Weitz & Luxenberg P.C., believes you have a right to believe that personal care products sold to you by large corporations are safe to use: ”If Procter & Gamble knew that its products could cause skin injuries, it had a responsibility to warn its customers of those risks. Consumers shouldn’t have to wait until it’s too late.”

Class Action Lawsuit Against P&G Already Filed

According to a class action lawsuit already filed in California, P&G has been aware of adverse reactions to Old Spice deodorant products dating back to 2010. P&G has also failed to investigate these claims, issue recalls or alert the public to potential severe reactions to its Old Spice products.

Since 1990, Procter & Gamble has made, designed, promoted and sold personal care products throughout the United States under the brand Old Spice. Old Spice personal care products include antiperspirants and deodorants, bar soaps and body washes.

P&G may be responsible for a variety of violations, including breach of the implied warranty of merchantability, design and manufacturing defects, failure to warn, negligence and unjust enrichment.

Consumers may have sustained bodily harm, and also the costs of medical treatment due to their use of these antiperspirant products.  Men who used these types of Old Spice deodorant products may be eligible for economic damages, as well as bodily harm.

W&L Cares

At Weitz & Luxenberg P.C., we want to assure you that we take your complaints seriously. Procter & Gamble can no longer ignore the tens or hundreds of thousands of Old Spice deodorant users who may have suffered severe reactions to a product that was supposed to be safe to use.

In fact, the laws that exist are designed to protect all of us from fraudulent, deceptive and unscrupulous business practices. As consumers, none of us should have to wonder every time we buy a personal care product if that product is going to be dangerous to our health.

As we see it, P&G has knowingly manufactured a product that may have harmed thousands of people. The fact that Proctor & Gamble cared more about its bottom line than the safety of its customers is reprehensible.

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