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W&L Secures $13.34 Million Judgment for Victim Attacked at New York City Bar

March 22, 2017
Home Firm News W&L Secures $13.34 Million Judgment for Victim Attacked at New York City Bar

Weitz & Luxenberg has achieved a $13.34 million judgment on a behalf of a victim who was viciously attacked at a bar in Queens, New York. When the defendants failed to respond to the lawsuit, Weitz & Luxenberg attorney David Green and his team relentlessly pursued the matter on behalf of their client, bringing it to this successful resolution.

“Our client sustained very serious and long-lasting injuries from this callous attack, and we were determined to help him. We have the resources and ability to push forward for our clients when cases appear to hit a dead end. We do not give up,” said Green, associate attorney for personal injury and malpractice at Weitz & Luxenberg. “This judgment is an important accomplishment as our client continues with his recovery.”

Victim Attacked by Bouncer

In July 2013, the victim was attacked by the bouncer at a bar in Queens. He was hit over the head with a baseball bat and dragged outside. He was only saved when passersby found him and called an ambulance. The victim suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of the brutal attack and required multiple emergency surgeries. He now suffers long-term health issues and requires a full-time home health aide.

Defendants Did Not Respond to Lawsuit

Weitz & Luxenberg sued the bouncer, the bar, and the building owners in Queens County Supreme Court. The defendants initially did not respond to the lawsuit, but Weitz & Luxenberg pursued the case to the end and obtained a $13.34 million judgment for the victim.

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