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Mrs. Yelin Tells Her Story

Married to a teacher who died from exposure to asbestos, Mrs. Yelin tells how our lawyers came through and got her financial compensation.

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Indifference to the health of others.

It really doesn’t get any worse, especially when it relates to the hard-working Americans who made this country great.

“My husband taught biology, chemistry, and physics, and he said ‘I used to look at my hands and they were full of pink powder.’ The asbestos from the instruments he used.”

Weitz & Luxenberg was founded with a singular purpose – representing workers who were knowingly exposed to asbestos.

“I made a phone call when my husband wasn’t around because he said ‘lawyers are not going to help us’.

Ten minutes later she called me back and she gave me the answer of what I needed.

And it made me feel so good that I started to cry on the phone.

If I didn’t make that phone call that day, I don’t know what would have happened.”

Fighting for the rights of over 35,000 thousand families, Weitz & Luxenberg has won billions of dollars in awards.

“When Weitz & Luxenberg started to send me checks, the first one I got – I opened it, I closed it up, I opened it again, and I couldn’t believe the amount.

I have a life because of Weitz & Luxenberg.”

Weitz & Luxenberg, touching the lives of asbestos victims and their families for a quarter of a century.

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