C. Michelle Clemmens

Associate Attorney

I’ve always known I wanted to help people. I feel deeply for my clients whose lives have been irreparably changed, often in a single instant because someone made a mistake. One oversight can change a person’s life forever. When companies cut corners and try to rush things through, our clients suffer lifelong consequences. While I may not be able to undo the injury a client suffered, if I can achieve a victory that helps them move forward, ease what they’ve been through, I feel like I’ve done something that matters.

Michelle Clemmens has joined Weitz & Luxenberg’s knowledgeable and experienced Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Practice Group litigation unit. She comes to us with more than a dozen years of experience handling different types of negligence cases.

Joining a Winning Team

Ms. Clemmens has obtained more than $20 million on behalf of her clients. “I’m excited to be here,” she says. “I’ve enjoyed working for other firms, but to work for Weitz & Luxenberg is a wonderful opportunity. W&L is one of the premier national law firms, and I’m looking forward to being a part of their efforts to help clients.”

Weitz & Luxenberg sought Ms. Clemmens out. With her track record of helping secure compensation for clients, we were thrilled she decided to join our team of attorneys.

Building a Case from Start to Finish

“Handling general negligence and personal injury cases is incredibly rewarding. I get to meet with clients initially and then handle the entire process through the final settlement or trial,” Ms. Clemmens explains.

“I always litigate with an eye toward trial,” Ms. Clemmens continues. “Meeting with a client is where everything begins.

During this initial meeting, I get to hear a client’s personal account of his or her injury and the events leading up to it. I can ask follow-up questions that help me begin to build my case.”

“The shaping of the case starts here. What comes after this is more and more preparation for what I hope will be a victory for my client in the end,” Ms. Clemmens adds.

Weitz & Luxenberg Encourages Collaboration

“Weitz & Luxenberg may be a large firm, but our personal injury litigation team is a smaller group within the firm itself,” describes Ms. Clemmens.

“We work closely together in a collaborative effort. As a group, we can look at individual cases from every angle. This teamwork approach helps us to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.”

Ms. Clemmens’ experience is an excellent match for the type of general negligence and personal injury cases Weitz & Luxenberg handles. She has represented clients for all of these types of cases, as well as others:

Successful Verdicts and Settlements

Ms. Clemmens has achieved many victories for her clients. This is just a sample of her verdicts and settlements:

  • $5.25 million settlement for a construction worker permanently injured when a large piece of coated steel fell on him. He was working in a large excavation. He suffered an injury to his neck that required multiple surgeries.
  • $2.4 million settlement for a bus passenger in her 50s who was injured while exiting a bus at LaGuardia airport in New York. She needed surgery to her cervical spine and both ankles. She was unable to return to work.
  • $1.5 million settlement for a construction worker injured when hot tar was spilled on his arm. He suffered permanent nerve damage and needed to undergo skin grafting procedures.
  • $875,000 settlement for a 65-year-old pedestrian struck by a truck while he was crossing mid-block. He injured his elbow, knee, and lumbar spine. All his injuries required surgery.
  • $725,000 settlement for a driver of a vehicle that was overturned by a rented moving truck after a plaintiff’s verdict on liability. This man suffered an injury to his neck that required surgery.
  • $450,000 verdict for a woman who tripped and fell on a dangerous, raised sidewalk flag. She fractured her wrist.
  • $250,000 verdict for an 80-year-old woman who also tripped and fell on a dangerous sidewalk. She fractured her wrist as well.
  • $75,000 verdict for three passengers injured in a rear-end collision. They suffered neck and back injuries.

Prior Personal Injury Experience

Ms. Clemmens comes to Weitz & Luxenberg from a prominent plaintiffs’ personal injury law firm in New York City. She worked with this firm from August 2010 to November 2018.

Ms. Clemmens conducted trials, depositions, inquests, hearings, mediations, and arbitrations on personal injury actions. For many, she achieved successful verdicts or settlements. She also made frequent appearances in state and federal court for conferences, motions, and trials.

Her responsibilities included drafting and preparing legal documents and motions; prosecuting civil actions; and acting as legal counsel in all aspects of cases from intake to trial. Her cases involved construction litigation, labor law, premises liability, motor vehicle litigation, wrongful death, assault and battery, and products liability.

From September 2005 until August 2010, Ms. Clemmens worked for another plaintiffs’ firm also in New York City. Her responsibilities there were similar. She made frequent appearances in state and federal court for conferences and motions.

Trained in New York

Ms. Clemmens is licensed to practice law in the New York State Courts, as well as the Southern and Eastern Districts of U.S. District Court. 

She earned her J.D. from the Fordham University School of Law in New York City and her B.A. from Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York.

Outside of work, Ms. Clemmens loves spending time with her family, working out, and cooking.

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