Elizabeth Luxenberg

Associate Attorney

“For as long as I can remember, toxic tort litigation was the heart of the conversation at every Friday night family dinner. Specifically, my father, Arthur, would gush over the trajectory of his work helping the “people who built New York.” Dad would harp on how we help the forever-broken families who lost loved ones and also help the living individuals who are devastatingly and terminally ill. While I grew up dead-set on becoming a stand-up comedian, the importance of helping victims was heavily ingrained into me as a value and was also in my blood, casting me into the attorney that I now am. Now, as a lawyer for Weitz & Luxenberg, I not only feel fulfilled in being on the plaintiff’s side where I protect the lives of the injured, but I sit at my own family dinner table and share the same stories with my children that my father shared with me.”

Before pursuing her law degree from Fordham University School of Law, Ms. Luxenberg worked as a paralegal in Weitz & Luxenberg’s Cherry Hill, New Jersey office, where she acted as a leader and a listener. There, she helped spearhead Weitz & Luxenberg’s child sex abuse unit, where she interviewed hundreds of vulnerable individuals who were sexually abused by clergy members when they were young. After engaging in highly emotional phone conversations with our clients, and homing her skill as a listener, she wrote vividly detailed and lengthy reports on their behalf to file with the Special Master’s Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Program (IRCP), which compensated them for past abuses.

“At the time, the statute of limitations unfairly barred our clients from bringing charges for past sexual abuses, and compensation through the IRCP was our clients’ only recourse. Therefore, my reports not only had to be detailed and descriptive, but also had to present compelling and convincing arguments as to why our clients deserved to benefit from the IRCP. It was through my work that the legislature in New York and New Jersey eventually passed laws to amend the draconian effects of the statute of limitations.”

Ms. Luxenberg comes to Weitz & Luxenberg as an attorney in the appellate unit with an incredibly unique ability to manage a tremendous responsibility. In addition to being a wife and mother to two children who she birthed and raised during law school while juggling a difficult course load, she also participated in several extracurricular activities that involved advocacy work. For example, Ms. Luxenberg served as the Co-President of the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund, where she organized fundraisers and hosted speakers during the heart of the Covid pandemic. Additionally, Ms. Luxenberg interned at Mercy for Animals, a prominent nonprofit that works toward ending large-scale factory farming. Lastly, Ms. Luxenberg also served as a staff member on Fordham’s Environmental Law Review.

“Managing law school, the bar exam preparation, and extracurriculars with children who literally relied on me to be nursed and fed will forever feel like my greatest accomplishment. But I will certainly never forget the day I went into labor just 48 hours after my corporations exam and crafting the email to my professors alerting them to the news that the baby decided he owed no more duty of loyalty to my uterus!”

Having joined Weitz & Luxenberg in September 2022, Ms. Luxenberg looks forward to advancing her career in appellate litigation, where she can obsessively overthink and vigorously research and write summary judgment opposition motions and appeals.

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