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James Pickard’s Story

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I recommend Peter Samberg and his law firm, Weitz & Luxenberg. I’ve already recommended them to friends of mine who needed legal help.

My own need for legal help goes back to having had arthritis in my hip. I was having trouble walking and fell a couple of times.

My orthopedic surgeon told me I needed to have a total-hip replacement on my left side. I was confident about having this done because my doctor is one of the best in the world for orthopedics and this kind of surgery.

But there was a problem with the replacement. Not with the job the surgeon did, but with the implant that was used. The implant was faulty. It was a metal-on-metal device. These have been found to do damage to the body.

In my case, in just doing my normal activities, the metal components of the implant kept grinding against one another. This caused metal flakes to come off inside me and do damage.

Because of that, I had to have the implant taken out and replaced. Unfortunately, I had complications that led to emergency room visits, staph infections, more surgeries, a stay in intensive care, and lots of physical therapy. None of these things would have happened to me if the hip implant had been properly designed and safe to use.

I knew something wasn’t right with my hip implant because I started having trouble walking just a few months after it was put in. I went back to see my doctor and that’s when he told me the problem was the implant itself.

Many people who had received this same implant were having troubles like mine, and worse. The company that made the implant sent out a letter to my doctor telling him that they were recalling this implant and to please notify the patients who were implanted with it that it should be removed and replaced.

It was clear to me that this was enough of a mess that I should get a lawyer to go after this company. Who I called was Peter Samberg at Weitz & Luxenberg. He was really nice. Peter Samberg and his team went to work for me right away. They were very dedicated and thorough.

I didn’t have any doubts in my mind that Mr. Samberg and his team could do the job for me. Weitz & Luxenberg is a huge law firm and very well-known. I was very impressed that they have so much experience with hip cases, I really was.

Mr. Samberg and his team worked on my case for about a year before the company we were suing agreed to compensate me.

For my part, the only things I had to do were get medical records from my doctor and then make sure that the bad implant, when it was removed, got sent to the lab for testing. Weitz & Luxenberg handled everything else.

Peter Samberg and everyone at Weitz & Luxenberg were very nice to me. They showed me great respect the entire time. They didn’t see me as a number. They saw me as an individual in need of help. I have nothing but positive feelings about the help I received and about the people who gave it.

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