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Do Not Sell My Information/Data Request Page
Data Request Form

Depending on where you reside, you may use this portal to make certain requests regarding your personal information collected, held, and shared by Weitz & Luxenberg P.C. 


If you decide to submit a data request, we will evaluate the requests to determine (based on the totality of circumstances) that your correction is more likely than not accurate and correct your personal information. We will consider any documentation you provide in support of your request as part of our evaluation. You may send us supporting documentation via email at [email protected] after submitting your request.  


You may make your request using the form below, by emailing us at [email protected], or by calling us at (844) 502-0823. We will confirm receipt of your request within 10 days after submission. While we will try to honor your request as soon as possible, we have 45 days to respond with confirmation of correction or an explanation of the reasons we were unable to correct your personal information. We may also inform you that we need up to 45 additional days to respond and the reason we need additional time. We will honor Do Not Sell My Information requests within 15 days of receiving request.  


We may share your data request with third parties, depending on the type of request that you submit, and the information shared with third parties. If applicable, we will request that third parties comply with your data requests and provide verification. We are not able to guarantee that all third parties will comply with data requests. If you wish to request data from a third party, please submit your request directly with that organization. Depending on the type of request, we may be unable to assist you in providing our services.  


To limit sharing your sensitive information, please visit our Limit the Use of Sensitive Personal Information page.  


Additional information about how we use and disclose personal information, including the types of third parties to whom we sell personal information, and methods by which you may contact us with questions, can be found in our Privacy Policy. Before submitting your correction request, we urge you to read and consider the Privacy Policy. 

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Your consent to contact is not required. To proceed without providing consent,  please call us at (855) 930-5906.