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Weitz & Luxenberg Listed in New York Law Journal Top Verdicts Hall of Fame

October 26, 2020
Home Firm News Weitz & Luxenberg Listed in New York Law Journal Top Verdicts Hall of Fame

According to the New York Law Journal, Weitz & Luxenberg has won more of the top New York products liability verdicts over the past decade than any other law firm – meriting us a place in the New York Verdicts Hall of Fame.

The New York Law Journal has listed Weitz & Luxenberg in their Top Verdicts Hall of Fame for the years 2010-2019. W&L won 6 out of the 13 top product liability lawsuits. These 6 cases resulted in awards of almost $300 million for the clients we represented.

The cases recognized by the New York Law Journal are examples of the thousands of cases W&L litigates. As a nationwide law firm headquartered in New York City, we have served more than 55,000 clients in product liability, with a focus on asbestos exposure related and mesothelioma cancer litigation.

For more than 30 years, W&L has provided legal representation for ordinary people who have been harmed by the careless or negligent actions of large companies who are more concerned with their profits than with people’s lives.

W&L Wins 6 out of the Top 13 New York Product Liability Verdicts over the Last Decade.

These six cases include suing large manufacturers and employers. They did not take proper and necessary steps to warn and protect workers who used equipment and performed hazardous jobs that left them vulnerable to asbestos exposure.

$190 Million Verdict in Consolidated Asbestos Case

Five construction workers were represented in a case that took more than a year and a half to prepare. They all suffered from mesothelioma. Two of our clients in the case each received a $60 million settlement, which were the largest individual verdicts in New York. Consolidated cases are not common; cases have more than one client. There is the plaintiff, and also the plaintiff’s spouse, family, and friends that are affected.

$35 Million Verdict for Family of Asbestos Removal Worker

Our client was employed to remove asbestos insulation. There were no warning notices on the boilers, pumps, and other equipment on which he worked. He was not provided with adequate protective equipment or training. Our client died from mesothelioma cancer, but we were able to get financial security for his family.

$25 Million Award for Electrician and Pipefitter

The award for our clients was against Crane Co. for their actions that lead to both men developing mesothelioma. W&L was able to prove that even though the company knew the dangers of exposure to asbestos, the company specifically recommended replacement parts that contained asbestos. Crane Co. provided no warnings, nor did they recommend any safety steps for protection.

$22 Million Judgement for Construction Workers

Both men who were our clients were awarded financial compensation because they contracted their illness through their work. They handled sheet gasket material containing asbestos manufactured by Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company and Goodyear Canada. The companies did not warn users about the risks associated with using this material. Both men developed lung cancer. Even though both men were smokers, the jury found that asbestos exposure on the job contributed to their cancer.

$12.5 Million Verdict Against Caterpillar

A mechanic developed lung cancer after working on Caterpillar equipment and servicing the equipment with manufacturer provided parts. Both the equipment and the parts were made with asbestos, which the company failed to disclose or to provide adequate warnings about the dangers. W&L attorneys received a sizable verdict for his family, which was able to help them economically after his death.

$12.5 Million Trial Verdict for Construction Workers

During large construction projects three men, two steamfitters and an electrician, were exposed to equipment which contained asbestos. They were not warned about the known hazards, nor were they provided with the proper protective gear. Our clients all died from mesothelioma, but we were able to get some financial security for their families.

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