After over three decades in business, Perry Weitz and Arthur Luxenberg of Weitz & Luxenberg P.C. have done something historical for the firm — they transformed firm attorneys into new partners. More than a dozen experienced attorneys at the firm were named.

According to co-founder Mr. Luxenberg, “We have an exceptional team of attorneys at W&L, and the new partnership structure is designed to recognize the top tier leaders at our firm and in our profession.”

As co-founder, Mr. Weitz announces to the legal profession, “Please join us in recognizing the exceptional work and overall contributions each of the new W&L partners have made to the firm, to their practice area, and to the practice of law generally.”

Partnership Criteria

Mr. Luxenberg explains, in evaluating those attorneys they chose to make partner, he and Mr. Weitz took into account many factors. These factors include attorneys who: are managers of one of our litigation units; have consistently brought successful, new litigations to the firm; have initiated successful new business opportunities for the firm; have a history of leadership appointments in multidistrict litigations (MDLs); are exceptional lead trial counsel in numerous cases; and have otherwise demonstrated overall leadership in their practice area within and outside the firm.

W&L intends to consider new partners going forward. Future partnership offers will be considered each year, based on the same criteria.

Named as Partners

Mr. Weitz and Mr. Luxenberg are happy to announce the newly named Weitz & Luxenberg partners. In alphabetical order, they are:

  • Benno Ashrafi — Managing attorney overseeing asbestos litigation in the California office.
  • James Bilsborrow — Co-chair of the Environmental, Toxic Tort & Consumer Protection Litigation group.
  • Lisa Nathanson Busch — Managing attorney of the Asbestos Bankruptcy Department.
  • Charles Ferguson — Chair of the Asbestos Litigation group.
  • Alani Golanski — Director of the Appellate Litigation unit.
  • Robin Greenwald — Co-chair of the Environmental, Toxic Tort & Consumer Protection Litigation group.
  • Gary Klein — Managing attorney responsible for day-to-day operations and negligence cases.
  • Danny Kraft, Jr. — Senior trial attorney for asbestos exposure cases.
  • Jerry Kristal — Managing attorney for the New Jersey office.
  • Ellen Relkin — Chair of Defective Drugs and Devices practice group.
  • Michael Roberts — Senior trial attorney for asbestos exposure cases.
  • Nick Wise — Senior trial attorney handling negligence cases.
  • Glenn Zuckerman — Attorney in the Defective Drugs and Devices practice group.

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