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Weitz & Luxenberg Los Angeles is able to get great results for so many clients because, one, we have people with the right blend of credentials and backgrounds and, two, we enjoy national reach through our offices in New York, New Jersey and other locations, which cumulatively gives us leverage that’s hard to equal. As for me, personally, there aren’t too many jobs where you really get to help hard-working people who are so deserving. Asbestos cancer shatters people’s lives. I can’t make the injury or its consequences go away, but I can help give them back some of their lost dignity and stolen worth.

Benno Ashrafi oversees the asbestos practice at Weitz & Luxenberg in California. He joined us in 2011 to help our Los Angeles office assemble a driven, client-focused team of personal-injury lawyers, each with his or her own track-record of success in asbestos-cancer/mesothelioma litigation.

Mr. Ashrafi entered the practice of law in 2006. His career began at the Los Angeles office of Waters & Kraus, a Dallas-based law firm, where he played a key role in delivering for his clients substantial verdicts — including one worth nearly $15 million. At Pepperdine Law School, his academic achievements were such that he graduated second in his class. Three years earlier, Mr. Ashrafi graduated as an economics major from the University of California at Berkeley.

Between undergraduate school and law school, Mr. Ashrafi worked in the field of commercial real-estate finance. A fan of Lakers basketball who himself enjoys shooting hoops, Mr. Ashrafi — a California native — confesses to a fondness for spending time in his kitchen (favorite dish: short ribs slow-braised in copious quantities of wine).


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