For those diagnosed with mesothelioma, hiring a major national firm like Weitz & Luxenberg marks the crucial first step toward holding companies accountable and seeking compensation for the damages caused by asbestos exposure.

Choosing a mesothelioma lawyer can be a very personal decision.  While a firm should possess the size and experience necessary to flex every legal muscle available, it should remain responsive to an individual client’s needs, compassionate about their unique medical situation and wholly invested in their family’s future.

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More Experience than Any Other Mesothelioma Firm

With more than three decades of experience in asbestos litigation, Weitz & Luxenberg has helped thousands of clients navigate the toughest period of their lives, offering significant personal attention while winning a remarkable $8.5 billion from verdicts and settlements across the United States.


By almost any legal yardstick, Weitz & Luxenberg has an unparalleled ability to fight on behalf of their clients, wherever they happen to live, and the proof is in the numbers. With many mesothelioma attorneys on staff and a nationally recognized practice, Weitz & Luxenberg is positioned to mobilize in any corner of the country. 

Our experience in asbestos litigation dates back to the 1980s; the firm has offices in three cities, and has represented thousands of mesothelioma victims and their families. Our attorneys consistently earn accolades from U.S. News & World Report and Super Lawyers, among other national honors collected along the way.

Holding Those Accountable for Harm Due to Asbestos Exposure

Experience aside, it’s important to be represented by attorneys who have the willingness and wherewithal to seek justice. Weitz & Luxenberg has a dedicated Asbestos Litigation group comprised of attorneys, investigators and support staff, defining how a successful asbestos-litigation firm should fight on behalf of its clients.

The right mesothelioma lawyer can help provide clients with a sense of stability and peace of mind during a period of incredible emotional and financial turmoil. Mesothelioma is rare, affecting roughly 3,000 patients in the U.S. annually. The disease can befall workers across a broad spectrum of vocations, not to mention a huge span of years. Those who worked in factories, served in the military, or toiled as construction contractors and tradesmen are most commonly diagnosed with the disease, most often decades after their initial exposure to asbestos. Occasionally even family members who were exposed to asbestos on clothing worn by others exposed to asbestos have also contracted the disease.

Mesothelioma remains as incurable as it is unpredictable. Out of the scores of workers subjected to the same levels of asbestos exposure, some develop mesothelioma and some do not. Mesothelioma’s cruel randomness makes it impossible to predict how many workers will contract the disease, much less when.

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No guesswork should be involved in finding the right mesothelioma attorney, however, because it often requires years of investigative expertise and familiarity with asbestos-related products to generate a substantial award for an ailing client, their family or heirs.

As the client deals with their medical consequences, Weitz & Luxenberg would be proud to shoulder the legal load, without contributing to additional financial concerns. Cases are handled on a contingency basis, which means the attorneys don’t get paid unless and until there is a recovery. The consultation is free, too.

Accountable to our clients while holding companies accountable for their actions.

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