Erin M. Boyle

Associate Attorney

Our clients are good people who spent the majority of their lives working tirelessly to provide for their families. Unfortunately, some companies were more concerned about money than human life. These companies made conscious decisions causing countless people to be exposed to asbestos, a known carcinogen that can poison people. What they did is wrong. I am dedicated to fighting for our clients and their families. I want to give them a voice and use the legal process to help them any way I can.

Weitz & Luxenberg welcomes Erin M. Boyle to our specialized, highly dedicated Mesothelioma and Asbestos Practice Group. She is an experienced trial attorney and is serving clients out of our New Jersey Office in Cherry Hill, near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“I’m thrilled to have been asked to join this outstanding team of attorneys who are passionate about fighting for people who have been injured by the harmful actions of others,” Ms. Boyle says. “Our clients were unknowingly exposed to asbestos, which can lead to mesothelioma and other devastating illnesses.

“The companies they worked for did not warn our clients about their hazardous working conditions. These companies did not take appropriate safety measures to protect their employees and their families from inhaling toxic asbestos fibers.

“Now, I want to assure our clients they are in knowledgeable and capable hands. Weitz & Luxenberg has dedicated itself to helping people harmed by others’ actions for more than 30 years,” she states.

Founded to Help Victims of Asbestos Exposure

“Working for Weitz & Luxenberg is an honor. This firm was founded to help people diagnosed with mesothelioma and other diseases related to asbestos exposure,” Ms. Boyle explains.

“As an undergraduate student, I thought about pursuing law enforcement at first. Then, I decided to go to law school with the goal of becoming a prosecutor and advocating for those who had been victims of horrific crimes.”

“In my work in the District Attorney’s Office in Philadelphia, I was able to pursue my passion of standing up for people wronged by others.”

Ms. Boyle adds, “At Weitz & Luxenberg, I have the opportunity to further my longstanding commitment to helping others by representing people who have been wronged under different circumstances. I will work hard for our clients every day in the hopes of making a positive impact on their lives. They deserve to be heard and they deserve justice.”

I Want to Do Something That Matters

She points out, “A guiding principle of mine is a quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.: ‘Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.’

“It is incredibly important that these companies are held accountable for what they have done and for the way their selfish choices have destroyed lives. What these companies did is wrong, and I am determined to speak up and fight for our clients and their families.”

Experience in the Legal Field

Before joining Weitz & Luxenberg, Ms. Boyle served as an assistant district attorney in the Office of the District Attorney in Philadelphia.

For almost 12 years, from August 2006 until June of 2018, she held a variety of positions of increasing responsibility in the Trial Division of the District Attorney’s Office. These included serving as a senior litigator in the Homicide Unit, the bureau chief of the Central Division Bureau, and the assistant chief of the Homicide Unit, among others.

Assistant Chief of the Homicide Unit

Ms. Boyle has a wealth of experience handling complex matters and directing investigations.

As the assistant chief of the Homicide Unit, Ms. Boyle supervised a high-profile, high-volume unit tasked with conducting and overseeing complex and often long-term homicide investigations and trials. Ms. Boyle instructed homicide attorneys on every aspect of litigation including case strategy, motions practice, trial preparation, grand jury investigations, discovery matters, pretrial negotiation, and the sentencing and appellate processes. She also acted as a legal consultant to local law enforcement during homicide and related investigations and maintained an active case load of complex jury trials.

Chief of the Central Bureau

For roughly two years, Ms. Boyle served as chief of the Central Bureau where her responsibilities included supervising 15 attorneys tasked with prosecuting cases in North Philadelphia and Center City. As bureau chief, Ms. Boyle was a member of the GunStat program and collaborated with local law enforcement to manage and interpret violent crime data. 

Additionally, Ms. Boyle served as assistant director of the training program for all attorneys in the Trial Division; worked with law enforcement to establish a protocol for the storage and production of surveillance footage from body-worn cameras; and helped develop protocols for the retention, dissemination, and use of digital evidence. She also assisted in making technological improvements for trial presentations and office-wide data and discovery management, and maintained an active case load of complex jury trials.

Trial Attorney in Homicide Unit

Before becoming a supervisor, Ms. Boyle was a senior trial attorney and tried hundreds of cases and motions. While in the Homicide and Major Trials Units, she argued complex legal motions and tried challenging and high-profile cases before judges and juries.

Ms. Boyle has extensive experience with expert witnesses in multiple disciplines including historical cell site analysis, forensic pathology, DNA, and firearms.

Peace Fellow

In 2014, Ms. Boyle studied peace and conflict resolution at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand during a 3-month Rotary Peace Fellowship after being one of 24 individuals selected from a worldwide competition.  

Outside the Office

Outside the office, Ms. Boyle loves to spend time with her husband and twin 4-year-old girls.

Ms. Boyle is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania.

She earned her J.D. cum laude from Temple University’s School of Law in Philadelphia and her B.S. in psychology from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania.

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