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The most important thing is giving everything I have into helping clients get the justice they deserve. I want to make sure we hold the right people accountable — no matter how large or small the institution. They should not be allowed to get away with permitting such heinous crimes to be committed on their watch.

Jared Scotto has joined Weitz & Luxenberg’s team of experienced personal injury and negligence litigators. He comes to us with a broad background of litigation expertise — extensive trial experience and proficiency working within the judicial court system. He is working with clients who suffered personal injuries, including survivors of child sexual abuse.

W&L Is Exemplary

“I’m really glad to be here,” Mr. Scotto says. “Everything came together, and this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I’ve had different types of experiences along the way, and being here ties all of those experiences together. It’s a great fit.”

He adds, “To work for a firm with such an exemplary, national presence is a privilege. I get the sense everyone here is working together, in a real team effort. This drive and passion unite everyone. Helping others — it’s what motivates us each and every day.

Helping Victims of Child Sexual Abuse

“When the opportunity to work on child sexual abuse litigation came up at Weitz & Luxenberg, I knew this was what I wanted to do — to be part of the firm’s efforts to help people who had been violated by sexual predators and victimized by the institutions that were supposed to protect them,” Mr. Scotto explains.

“I had been made aware of sexual abuse cases before in other positions I held both as a prosecutor and a plaintiff’s attorney. The cases involve everyday people who went through such painful and traumatic circumstances. I knew I wanted to help them legally in any way I could. I believe I can here — in ways I never could have foreseen,” Mr. Scotto continues.

“Child sexual abuse litigation draws on both my criminal and civil experience,” Mr. Scotto points out. “It’s the only real way to prosecute violators, who are often part of larger institutions, such as schools and churches, or organized groups, such as the Boy Scouts of America. Violators and perpetrators must be held accountable, but so must the organizations that allowed these criminals to prey on the most innocent. Our clients deserve at least that much.”

Our Clients Are the Biggest Motivator

“At Weitz & Luxenberg, we have the privilege of getting to know our clients personally and learning about each and every situation in depth. Our clients are the biggest motivator for what we do, Mr. Scotto highlights.

“I’m looking forward to working one-on-one with clients. Everything begins with getting to know someone, developing a caring, professional relationship. I want my clients to trust me and my judgment, and feel comfortable opening up and sharing the often painful details of their situation.”

“Our clients choose us to represent them to fight for justice when they have suffered life-changing mental or physical trauma. We must never forget that as personal injury attorneys,” Mr. Scotto adds.

Communication Is Critical to Success

“Communication is so, so critical to success,” Mr. Scotto emphasizes. “On one hand, listening is key — helping our clients feel as comfortable as possible. Encouraging them to share their story in their own way,” he continues.

“But, also, I need to be able to tell them about the legal process, explain the steps, let them know what to expect as we move forward. They need to know I’ll be there for them every step of the way.”

Giving Clients Everything I’ve Got

“A just resolution always feels good — telling a client and victim of a crime a jury or judge sided on their behalf. That they were awarded just compensation,” says Mr. Scotto.

“But, for me, the most important part is having clients know I fought for them zealously. I fought the good fight. I left everything out on the field. I did everything I could legally on their behalf. I want to make sure my client’s voice is heard.”

In one case in 2023, he was able to get a jury award for a client who went blind in one eye, due to medical malpractice. “I’m proud our team was able to get the jury to understand the facts in this complex case. The jury then was able to use those facts to reach a winning verdict for our client,” he remembers.

Success in Earlier Legal Work

Immediately before joining W&L, Mr. Scotto worked as an associate attorney at a firm specializing in plaintiff’s personal injury cases and criminal defense. He handled hundreds of personal injury cases and was the head of the firm’s criminal defense practice.

“This was an exciting place to work,” says Mr. Scotto. “The firm handled thousands of cases. It was always super busy. The experience I gained in that position was incredible. But I realized this kind of work would never give me the opportunity to get to know a case in depth. I realized I wanted to specialize in a specific area of plaintiff’s litigation.”

His cases involved everything from automobile accidents to premises liability and product liability to civil rights cases. Mr. Scotto earned a reputation as a hard nose litigator both a trial lawyer and appellate counsel. He has recovered millions of dollars for his clients.

Before working there, Mr. Scotto joined Allstate Insurance as a trial attorney. He served as lead counsel in multiple jury and bench trials. He was also responsible for handling primarily motor vehicle accident cases.

“My work at Allstate introduced me to civil litigation. And I’m grateful for the opportunity. I also realized I didn’t want to work on that side of litigation — I’m not a defense lawyer. I knew I wanted to help regular people,” he clarifies.

Working at the DA’s Office

Mr. Scotto served as an assistant district attorney for the Queens County District Attorney’s Office in Queens, New York. He was appointed to the position in August 2013, and served with distinction until July 2018. He spent his time rising in the Trial Division. The majority of his tenure was spent trying violent cases as a member of a bureau that focused on gun violence.

Over his five years with the DA’s office, Mr. Scotto served as lead counsel in a number of jury trials and handled hundreds of criminal cases, both felonies and misdemeanors. His passion was prosecuting illegal firearms trafficking and possession. In addition, as part of a select team, he assisted the NYPD in the field by investigating violent felonies, often immediately after a violent crime took place.

Mr. Scotto is licensed to practice law in New York State and for the Eastern District of New York. He earned his J.D. from Touro College’s Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center in Central Islip, New York, and his B.A. from Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Outside the Office

Outside the office, Mr. Scotto enjoys spending time with his friends and family, including his wife and young daughter. He also loves cooking, playing golf, traveling, and running.

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