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Deborah K.

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I will never be able to fully express the profound difference you have made to my native family.

Today, another small settlement came in from Weitz & Luxenberg…the 14th over a span of as many years. It always arrives without notice. No one expects it but usually someone in the family is in need of the resources it provides but is too proud/too embarrassed/too ashamed to ask for help. Again, my brother (who has mental health issues) was moments away from foreclosure on his home and this small gift enabled him to get another chance.

Again, I can’t thank you enough for the many small miracles it has provided to my siblings. My 2 nephews and 3 nieces went to college from Weitz & Luxenberg. My niece is going to graduate school with a specialty in developmentally disabled children as a result of Weitz & Luxenberg. I have never taken a dime of the money for myself but have used the money to “play it forward” in many gratifying ways.

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