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I was in the U.S. Navy for 12 years; during that time, I was part of the flight deck crew on four aircraft carriers: USS Coral Sea, USS Hancock, USS Enterprise, and the USS Ranger. When we were in port, I helped rehab areas within the ships at times. Before the Navy and after I worked in construction most of the time.

I am 66 years young now and on February 1, 2019, the Veterans Hospital in Salem Virginia found clear cell carcinoma (cancer) in my right lower lung. I had contracted the cancer while working with and around asbestos containing materials. On April 30, 2019, the lower half of my right lung was taken out at the Salem Veterans Hospital.

I was watching TV one day and found out about how the manufacturers of asbestos containing products had withheld the information that getting cancer from these materials was likely, and the makers of those products could be held accountable. I called the number on the screen.

A few days later I was called by Mr. Francis Alexander Eiden. He introduced himself as Alex, and let me know that he was an attorney with Weitz & Luxenberg, a huge law firm. Alex said that he personally had worked on my type of case many times and believed he could help me get compensation for my loss.

I can tell you that until then my wife and I had been devastated over the previous few months of developments. After I talked with Alex on the phone, and told Shelia my wife about the conversation, we were filled with new hope. Shelia was working two jobs and I was concerned about her health.

Things went pretty fast for us. Within a few weeks, Shelia and I were flown to Philadelphia, where we stayed in the Marriott Hotel.

For the next four days, with Alex’s help, I gave a deposition in a large room with many defendant’s lawyers representing their clients. I was nervous because here was me and Alex against all those other lawyers.

With Alex’s confidence, and the advice he gave me before we started, we won. I could not believe how Alex’s professionalism and knowledge of the law won the day. I will always be grateful to my new found lawyer friend.

I highly recommend Alexander Eiden to anyone seeking a dependable caring lawyer.

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