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Sandra Kivell

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I am a client of Alex Eiden, and I think the world of him. It became apparent early on the type of person Alex is.

I, justifiably, credit my late husband with the uncanny ability to read people. The first time he met Alex, he was impressed. His high opinion of Alex increased at each subsequent meeting.

We both felt that Alex was humble enough to be caring, yet aggressive enough to be effective. We were not disappointed.

When I first saw Alex standing at our gate I thought it was one of my son’s football friends. At our disposition, Alex stood head and shoulders above the opposition. Yes, physically, but more so mentally. His eye for detail was apparent, his commitment to work for our benefit evident.

I could go on. However, in an effort to keep this short, choosing representation is an important decision, make yours count. If you are looking for someone who is dependable, aggressive, honest with you, and has your best interest in mind, Alex Eiden is your choice.

Take it from someone who has been there.

For over 20 years, my husband worked for the Local 60 Plumbers and Steamfitters Union out of New Orleans, Louisiana. He was a pipefitter and regularly exposed to asbestos dust.

He also worked on cars since he was 15 years old – he even won a sponsorship to go to a Ford Motor School. Working with brakes, clutches and engine gaskets also exposed him to asbestos.

This asbestos exposure caused him to develop mesothelioma. Alex represented us and it was his knowledge of asbestos that won our case.

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