Medical Device Injuries

When you go to your doctors you do not expect them to recommend medical devices -- such as a hip implant or pelvic mesh -- that may cause you grievous harm. Over the years, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has either restricted the sale of certain medical devices or has ordered their complete removal from the market.
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There is growing concern that the manufacturers of these defective medical devices are not doing enough to ensure the optimum quality and safety of their products. When these manufacturers fail to thoroughly test what they produce, it endangers the public.

Sometimes the Cure Is Almost as Bad as the Illness

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If you have unjustly suffered as a result of receiving a medical device that does not function properly, we can help you take the first step towards improving your situation. If you are unsure if a device caused you harm, we can review your medical records and determine whether or not you have grounds for a case.

Weitz & Luxenberg successfully represents clients who have suffered from the use of defective medical devices. We have spearheaded litigation related to many well-known medical products.

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