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W&L Is One of Firms Filing Most Product Liability Cases

March 15, 2021
Home Firm News W&L Is One of Firms Filing Most Product Liability Cases

Weitz & Luxenberg ranks second among the top plaintiffs’ law firms filing the most product liability cases, according to recent analysis. Between 2018 and 2020, our attorneys filed nearly 7,000 cases on behalf of clients injured by defective or faulty products. (1)

New York Verdicts Hall of Fame

Even more importantly, we feel privileged to be able to report that our legal achievements have merited us a place in the New York Verdicts Hall of Fame.

We are in the Hall of Fame because, over the past decade, we have won more of the top New York product liability verdicts for our clients than any other law firm — nearly $300 million.

History of Legal Success

As a national law firm with headquarters in New York City, we have represented more than 55,000 clients over the past 30 years. And we’ve secured verdicts and settlements of nearly $19 billion on their behalf.

Weitz & Luxenberg has made it our mission to stand up for ordinary people who have been injured by the negligent, sometimes reckless, actions of large companies. These companies have chosen to put profit over the safety and quality of their products.

Many Top Verdicts

We remain committed in our efforts to seek justice every day on behalf of our clients. As long as there are companies willing to put people’s lives at risk, we continue to hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions.

Some of our firm’s most notable victories include:

Large Financial Settlement — Weitz & Luxenberg helped secure a settlement on behalf of nearly 100,000 Americans who have developed and been diagnosed with certain forms of cancer after being exposed to the most popular global weed killer Roundup. Tens of thousands of farmers, landscapers, homeowners, and maintenance workers across the country developed Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma after exposure to Roundup.

$400 Million — W&L helped achieve this settlement on behalf of soybean producers and certain farmers of other crops. They suffered crop damage due to the herbicide dicamba. Their lawsuit was over severe economic damages.

$75 Million — W&L achieved this jury verdict on behalf of a woman who developed malignant peritoneal mesothelioma, an aggressive cancer. She was exposed to her husband’s asbestos-dust-covered clothes when he came home from work. A racecar enthusiast, her husband also worked on car engines. Without realizing it, he exposed his wife to asbestos for roughly 20 years.

$190 Million — In this landmark trial verdict, W&L represented five blue-collar workers who were exposed to asbestos through their work building and renovating New York City. This verdict represents the largest victory for a consolidated asbestos case in New York’s history.

$2.5 Billion — W&L attorneys worked for many months to help secure this settlement on behalf of thousands of clients with failed DePuy hip implants that needed to be removed.

$9 Billion — In this trial verdict, W&L represented a man who developed bladder cancer after taking the diabetes drug Actos.

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