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Luxenberg Named Founding Chairman of LAWcares

December 15, 2021
Home Firm News Luxenberg Named Founding Chairman of LAWcares

When Arthur Luxenberg and Perry Weitz established their own firm in the late 1980s, they took a good, hard look around them and recognized an overwhelming need: Many hard-working Americans had suffered serious injuries due to actions taken by large corporations putting profit before people. They needed representation. Both Weitz and Luxenberg wasted no time in responding to that crisis.

Thirty years hence, due to the tumultuous times in which we are living, Weitz & Luxenberg has taken a good, hard look around at the world in which we now find ourselves — at the businesses and communities hit hardest by COVID 19 and the ongoing global pandemic. Those of us who have survived what we hope is the worst of this crisis have an opportunity to reach out and help others, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

To that end, Arthur Luxenberg has joined the LAWcares Foundation as Founding Chairman.

W&L Aims to Do Well by Others

As Mr. Luxenberg says, “Along with success comes responsibility and compassion. That’s why, over the years, we have committed ourselves not only to helping our clients but also to supporting organizations and institutions that support our communities.”

He continues, “As a firm, we have dedicated ourselves to helping victims of asbestos exposure, defective drugs and medical devices, environmental torts, and consumer fraud, doing all we can to ensure our clients receive the compensation they are due. But we also support the larger communities around us, including key medical research and medical care.”

As Mr. Luxenberg explains, “In today’s business environment, it is good business practice to do well and do well by others — by those less fortunate, more challenged by illness, hunger, and poverty. More in need spiritually, educationally, medically, and environmentally. This is not only a moral imperative but a necessity for continued success.”

LAWcares Emerged in Response to the Pandemic

In the sink-or-swim turbulence of a global coronavirus pandemic, tens of thousands of businesses failed to survive, and hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives or livelihoods. Sadly, the struggle for many continues, even more so in the wake and aftermath of such tragedy.

In the midst of this crisis, a number of American law firms and practices has recognized the need to help the communities around us. LAWcares is the result of that urgency.

LAWcares Foundation aims to energize and involve the entire legal profession — everyone from the largest firms to summer interns — in acts of goodness and kindness that make our world a better place. On one hand, LAWcares aims to motivate law firms and lawyers to be purpose-driven in business —being committed to helping and caring for those around us. “We don’t want just to be great lawyers. We want to be good people,” Mr. Luxenberg exclaims.

Helping Others Is Good Business

According to a 2021 Gallup survey of the most admired industries, Americans don’t think very highly of the legal field, ranking it only at the 21st position – an all-time low. As exasperating as that may be, we have the power to change it, through decisive action.

We can join together to raise the profile of the bar by caring about our respective law firms and showing others we care about them. Joining forces in LAWcares is an important first step.

Today, more than 80% of Americans have indicated they prefer to do business with companies and professionals that care. Social justice and philanthropy matters — and that extends to law firms and attorneys.

According to Mr. Luxenberg, “We fully expect that members who proudly display the LAWcares trust badge will see it equally as a sign of honor and duty. And I look forward to welcoming scores of our colleagues in this vital effort.”

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