Curt D. Marshall

Associate Attorney

  • Focus: Environmental Pollution, Consumer Protection
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Despite laws to protect the environment and people, it still happens that pollution and contaminants from industry and other sources find their way into the air, soils and water, putting lives and livelihoods in harm’s way. Health hazards include cancer, birth defects, disability. We at Weitz & Luxenberg are dedicated to bringing to justice those responsible for causing these injuries and damage to property, and making them pay compensation to the victims.

Curt D. Marshall, an associate attorney in our Environmental Toxic Torts Litigation group, draws deeply upon decades of experience to forcefully advocate for the victims of ecological harm. He also handles products liability, consumer fraud and commercial litigation cases. Importantly, the scope of Mr. Marshall’s practice encompasses class-action lawsuits and complex/multi-district litigations — cases of the type frequently mounted in response to injuries and property damage spawned by pollutants and contaminants, since the harms so often affect sizable geographic areas and many innocent adults and children (including those yet to be born). Carried within his quiver of vital skills — some picked up by virtue of having “second chaired” a number of trials and appeals — are those relating to discovery (fact and expert), motion practice, court appearances and settlement negotiations.

Mr. Marshall helped the Weitz & Luxenberg team (working in concert with other law firms) to convince British Petroleum to agree to a massive settlement in principle that secured full compensation for hundreds of thousands of innocent victims of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Another key case on which he worked involved efforts to bring to justice corporations responsible for contaminating groundwater supplies in New York and Connecticut with the gasoline additive MTBE.

Mr. Marshall also was integrally involved with litigations aimed at the makers of repetitive-stress injury products and was the architect/chief litigator of a consumer-fraud class-action lawsuit against a Fortune 500 company that, in the end, agreed to pay $110 million to the victims. At the law firms where he worked prior to joining Weitz & Luxenberg, Mr. Marshall served as national counsel in a variety of multi-state products liability cases and business cases of a complex nature.

Mr. Marshall is admitted to practice law in the states of New York and Connecticut; his practice privileges extend to the U.S. District Court (Connecticut, New York Southern and Eastern Districts, and Florida Northern District), as well as to the Second and Eighth Circuits of the U.S. Court of Appeals. He was educated at Fordham University School of Law, Class of 1992, from which he received the degree of juris doctor and an American Jurisprudence Award in Products Liability. In 1986, Mr. Marshall earned a master of divinity degree from Abilene Christian University Graduate School; in 1982, he graduated cum laude from Westmont College with a bachelor of arts degree in religious studies.

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